Friday, March 20, 2015

Heather Moore's Secret to Becoming a USA Today Bestselling Author

There are so many great books available and I have been quite the bookworm lately thanks to my cute little baby who I get to snuggle and nurse during the day (and read at the same time.) I enjoy reading books on my Kindle because it only takes one hand. I read this latest book by Heather Moore and Tracy Daley and wanted to share it with you.

A bit about the Book:
E-Book Marketing 101: Promotion Sites for E-Books
Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! Now the nitty-gritty marketing starts. With a lot of excellent marketing tools and books available, why did we write this one? To share a journey of how it’s possible to indie publish a book and hit a bestsellers list. In 2014, Heather Moore hit the USA Today list with a self-published box set. A few months later, she put together the Triple Treat Romance Box Set series, and brought in Tracy Daley to market the series. 12 box sets and 36 authors later, and hitting multiple Top 5 & Top 10 lists consistently, we are ready to pass on our research and recommendations. The promotion sites included in this book are organized in an easy to find manner
to target your specific marketing needs.

Rachelle's Thoughts: This book is a must-read for all self-pubbers out there and authors in general who want to learn how to promote their book. I liked it because it is short and filled with detailed information on everywhere you need to look to help promote your books and increase sales. This isn't a how-to book necessarily, more of a list of promotion services with very detailed information on the results Heather has enjoyed with her own self-published books. You could read this book in less than an hour and then you'll want to go through and visit several of the sites.
E-book Marketing 101 shows different case studies of books and how they succeeded and what worked and what didn't work. It also shows the step-by-step process that Heather utilized to become a USA Today Bestselling author. Heather is one of my favorite writers and she is incredibly talented, along with that she is also very business savvy. Definitely someone to listen to when she offers advice, so pick this book up and share with others who are thinking of ways to promote their books.

 Get your copy today on Amazon:
I was provided a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review of Forgotten Skills of Backyard Herbal Healing and Family Health

Today's book review is brought to you by a great new book titled Forgotten Skills of Backyard Herbal Healing and Family Health by Caleb Warnock and Kristin Skirvin. I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
  I was thrilled to have the chance to read this book because I own Caleb Warnock's other books and have loved reading and learning from them. Here are links to them because you'll want to check them out as well.

A little about the book Forgotten Skills of Backyard Herbal Healing and Family Health:
Modern medicine can work wonders, but most of it has roots in the healing powers you can find in your own backyard. This informative book teaches you to harvest, dry, and store herbs that will keep you healthy. Discover how to use natural remedies safely, so you can nurture your family's wellness without leaving home.

Rachelle's thoughts: I love reading books like this that teach concepts that our ancestors used to survive and thrive in life. I believe that this beautiful earth has so much to offer us but we are slowly losing the knowledge of how to eat, live, and be healthy from the ground up. This book is packed with tons of information on herbs used as medicines to heal and add health and vitality to life without turning to prescription drugs. For someone who exhausted the traditional medical doctor's care without discovering a solution to my health problems, this book resonates deeply with me.
I have marked up this book and plan to re-read it again because there is just so much information, so much to learn!
The first thing I tried was to have my husband read the page about onions when I got a bad cold and was congested. He followed the directions, cooking the onion and putting a towel over his head above the steam and within ten minutes his sinuses were completely clear. He couldn't believe how well it worked. He repeated the process over the next two days and felt so much better. This is important because my husband doesn't like to take over the counter decongestants because they make his blood pressure rise and make him feel uncomfortable. How wonderful to have a remedy that is age-old, safe, and effective!
I love the format of this book, beautiful photo illustrations in bold colors, easy to read instructions and information. The narrative provided by Caleb and Kristin felt engaging and as if I was in a class with them in my home.
If you desire to break free from the helplessness many of us feel concerning the medical industry's limits, you should buy this book and Caleb's other books and get ready to change your life!

Order your copy today if you want to get in on this great learning curve

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission by Benjamin Hyrum White, Review

Today I get to share a little about a new book that just came out titled, I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.

  This book is directed towards members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I belong to this church and missionary work is very important to us. We love sharing the gospel, especially the concept of eternal families which is so vital to my purpose here on earth--keeps me going when I'm getting lost under dirty diapers and dishes!

Here's the book blurb:
It’s never too young to prepare! This charmingly illustrated picture book teaches children what it’s like to be a missionary, from riding a bike to studying the gospel to having a companion, and everything they can do now to be ready so that when the time comes, they’ll be the best missionaries they can be. Colorful and cute, it’s a perfect gift for baptisms and birthdays.

Rachelle's Thoughts: This is a darling book and excellent conversation starter. There is a ton of information included in I Hope They Call Me On A Mission! It covers basic gospel principles and also what a missionary does to share the gospel, work, and serve on their mission. It does get a little lengthy and wordy for the young (6 and under) reader/listener. My kids are my test audience and I could read to them all day, but my 6yo got a little tired just before the end of the book. I recommend reading this book in two sittings if you have young readers. I think it is ideal for 7 and up which is likely the target market because that age group can grasp more of the concepts discussed. My almost 10 year old picked it up. She loves to read and still indulges in picture books and she enjoyed it. This would be an excellent Family Home Evening lesson, gift, and teaching opportunity.

A little about the author:
Benjamin Hyrum White was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He labored in the Colorado Denver North Mission and was employed at the MTC during college. Ben met his wife, Keenan, while they both were dancing with the International Folk Dance Ensemble at Brigham Young University. They each graduated from BYU with a degree in Family Science. Brother White is a seminary teacher and recently received his master's degree in religious education from BYU, where he wrote the history of Preach My Gospel. Ben and Keenan reside in Utah with their five children.
Pick up a copy today for your little missionaries! I was provided a review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Silence by Deborah Lytton, Excellent YA Novel

 Today my book review is on the incredible new novel, SILENCE by Deborah Lytton.
This is a young adult contemporary novel with a story about life, learning, tragedy, romance, and rediscovering yourself. I highly recommend this book as a clean teen read. Read the description and then I'll tell you what I thought.

Silence Book Description: Stella was born to sing. Someday Broadway. Even though she is only a sophomore at a new high school, her voice has given her the status as a cool kid. But then a tragic accident renders her deaf. She cannot hear herself sing not to mention speak. She cannot hear anything. Silence. What happens when everything you have dreamed of and hoped for is shattered in a single moment? Enter Hayden, the boy with blonde curls who stutters. He is treated like an outcast because he is not normal. And, yet, Stella feels an attraction to him that she cannot explain. As Hayden reaches out to help Stella discover a world without sound his own tragic past warns him to keep a distance. But their connection is undeniable. Can the boy who stutters and the girl whose deaf find a happily-ever-after? SILENCE is a story of friendship and hope with a lesson that sometimes it takes a tragedy to help us find beauty and love in unexpected places.

Rachelle's Thoughts: I loved this book. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it at first--it is written in first person, present tense, which is tricky to do and keep everything straight. Lytton did a great job with the voice and point of view as well as the present tense. Silence struck a chord with me because I love music and enjoy singing, so I kept imagining myself in Stella's place and how I would handle things. Envisioning her struggle through a teen's eyes, she handled things extremely well. It was neat to read about all the possibilities there are for hearing loss and also be reminded of just how difficult it is to live without sound or impaired hearing.
I enjoyed experiencing the push and pull of Stella's relationship with Hayden as they both rediscover themselves and found a way to heal.
Lytton's writing is lyrical, full of music itself and the story carries itself forward in a realistic way that makes you feel as if you really know Stella and Hayden and their families.
I have an almost twelve-year-old who gets excited about reading romance but there's not much that is safe for her young age. I'm very pleased that I can pass this book on to her next, knowing that she will not only love the story but learn something from it too. Thank you to Deborah Lytton for crafting a tale that can be enjoyed in the wide age-range of teen readers (and their moms too!)

About the Author:
Deborah Lytton is an established writer who began her work life as an actress at the age of six. She graduated from UCLA and Pepperdine University with a degree in law before becoming a writer. She lives in California with her two daughters and is an active blogger and member of SCBWI.
I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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